PeerSpace website v.I

Company Background

Client: PeerSpace

PeerSpace, the First Marketplace for Short-Term Creative Spaces, Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding. PeerSpace is a versatile marketplace featuring a variety of locations that were previously underutilized or unavailable to the public. Guests now have the ability to search, message, and book these spaces directly through the PeerSpace platform.

Project Background

My collaboration with PeerSpace started in May ’14 with redesigning of the landing page that at that time was outdated.

Being a startup = small team, this is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. We were a couple of experts based in US and Europe that took care of the new public website look.


Creative Direction, UI/UX, Illustration


  • Make clear and transparent what are the service benefits
  • Why PeerSpace product is unique
  • Engage the user to subscribe. Yes, all the products aim to have a personal relation with current or prospect clients, we aren’t an exception
  • Hassle free subscription
  • Invite users to download iOS App early release


I like to brainstorm on paper when I have a chance (low wireframing). Digital wireframing is great but some projects are meant to be done in old fashioned way – pen & paper. Exploring interface and usability options are fun and creative on paper. PeerSpace didn’t set a must UI /UX grid to follow, great opportunity to explore many visual assumptions and “there is no stupid ideas”.

After rounds, rounds and rounds of drafts and usability testing the drawings were narrowed to one concept. Here was time for Balsamiq wireframe.


Dev team was provided with a light Style Guide to facilitate implementation and ensure pixel perfect website.

I like to think of the website as a multilayer canvas with rich visual interactions and “How it Works” animated gif’s are an example.

At the time version 1 was designing I knew we will design second version once the Web App will go beta and many ideas were put apart, see the new enhanced version of Landing page (version 2).

First release was designing on tight deadline and now after several months I see room for improvements, like reduce amount of sliders, less content and perhaps rethink the grid.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!