Company Background


Aleph Beta was founded by Rabbi David Fohrman in 2011 as a revolution in Jewish learning, helping people to achieve meaningful and satisfying answers to some of life’s biggest questions. I designed an early release of this app back in the time at Clevertech. To be clear this is an unofficial redesign, looking in the AppStore you will find the actual release, which is good but  found out that there is room for improvements so I designed a couple sections in my spare time.

The Role

User Interface, User Experience

The Project

Part of the sprint redesign were; sign up, login, home (library), course and lesson screens. I emphasized library courses thru beautiful and animated covers. Filters are indispensable for a catalog style app, they were designed as an overlay modal with quick to use tags. To help user to scan lessons on course screen I added image covers along with abbreviated tags like P, F or N (premium, free, new). The lessons list got more complex functionality, added favorite and share (for free courses). Made obvious visual difference for premium and free lessons. In case of premium user see a “premium course” button. The download and watch buttons are disabled, as soon as he signed-in inactive options become active and subtle animations highlight new status changes. The sidebar was the last inline but interesting to work, it got a more slick look with a 3d perspective for current page on the right side.

At the end I can say it’s a great exercise to make an UI/UX audit for a released app and challenge yourself to  make significants improvements in a matter of sprint.


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