My name is Marcel Sendrea, and I’m a User Interface and User Experience Designer  Creative Problem Solver* with big heart for everything that is interaction, graphic design or art.  I’m currently Head of UX/UI Department at Yopeso worked for PeerSpace and  Clevertech. Had an Internship at Lounge Lizard. The Fine Arts BA helps to mix my strong traditional art background with the latest technologies and ensure the most elegant solution for your project.


Yopeso (actually): Head of UX/UI Department
PeerSpace, San Francisco (2014 -2015): UX/UI Designer
Clevertech, New York (2009 – 2014): Web Designer

* The Bauhaus art school of the early 20th century espoused the idea of the designer as a creative problem solver, working with a specific set of tools in the appropriate medium. Now when borders between interface design, graphic design, identity and similar fields are getting blurred it’s time to reconsider the more universal idea of Design.

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